Wednesday, February 27, 2013


These were taken on New Year's Eve when we were back in California at an abandoned nursery turned abandoned homeless encampment, less than a quarter of a mile away form Devin's nice suburban childhood neighborhood. 

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

City-Wide Snow Day

Finally! A reason for below-freezing temperatures: Snow! I love snow. This is partially because I'm not used to it, so it seems so novel and exciting. All the drab, ugly, dirty things I'm used to seeing  to seeing in my neighborhood are instantly transformed into  glittering, immaculate cupcakes laden with frosting. I even like slush--it's such a fun texture to stomp through, given you have the proper boots. The day after the blizzard was glorious, sunny and clear-skied, and around 28 degrees. We went exploring!

Here's Broadway, as seen from our 8th floor apartment.

Our street! Snow-caked cars! St. John's in the distance.

The steps of St. John's...not all got equal shoveling treatment. 

Knee deep!

Blue shadows and white glitter.

Walking down 110th towards Central Park.

Dormant trees given new life!

The northwest intrance of Central Park.


Trees on the Great Hill! I don't even mind the buildings that are peeking through.

Devin tromping along through the winter wonderland.

Naked branches on clean snow.

Everyone was out and about, sledding, cross-country skiing, and generally soaking in the beauty. Here, we approach The Pool.

A horizontal snowman someone made! I like the cherry tomato mouth.

Down by The Pool was prime birdwatching territory. The birds were enjoying the sunshine and respite from yesterday's whistling winds as much as everyone else.

Devin and frozen water/

This little guy.

Thick ice.

Tree dipping into the frozen water.

It's all so exciting!

A cardinal!



It was a really fun day.


A neatly plowed road.

Devin, the snowball-throwing master. That's a pretty devious look. I'd beware.



One of Devin's many talents is throwing things, fast, hard, and accurately. The correct stance pictured above.

Picking out snow for potential snowballs in the Northern Woods.

Pretending to climb ice-caked stone stairs. For dramatic effect. Also, since people who have blogs tend to do this, I thought I'd offer my "Outfit Details": Hat: Urban Outfitters. Fur stole: Thrifted at Black & Brown. Jacket: Target. Fair Isle sweater: Asos. Sweater dress: Asos. Leggings: Target. Boots: L.L. Bean. Lipstick: MAC Red. Frames: Etsy.




Iced and dried rose hips.

Smothered bench on our walk back home.

And back in the warm confines of the lobby! It was a glorious day, and it could well be my last It Snowed Where I Lived Day, if this is the last snow of winter. I hope we get at least one more snow day!

Also, here's a nice companion post from June. A lot of the same places that were in this post were photographed, and things could not look more different!