Friday, August 19, 2011

Through Glass

The view from somewhere over Pennsylvania.

Out our hotel room window.

We are officially in the Empire State! In body, at least. Our brains are still very much in vacation mode, and it's difficult to process that this is a permanent--or at the very least two-year-long--situation. Today we ate at Tom's Restaurant of Seinfeld fame (underwhelming), signed our lease, had a New York Slice (whelming), walked two miles through Harlem to get to Target, which was soothingly similar to all other targets ever constructed, and began sorting all of our belongings out of small containers and into big ones. The apartment isn't ready for its big reveal yet as the walls are still naked, so I'll leave you with a brief video Devin shot of the view from our apartment window. Stay tuned to see was has been ominously dubbed by University Housing the "Efficiency Unit!"


  1. Is that a duck on the windowsill :O

  2. It's a dove! Which is basically just a more socially acceptable pigeon. We freaked it out--it was just trying to guard its nest, and kept giving us the evil eye.

  3. Great video. Is it really that noisy all the time? I can't wait to hear more about your efficiency unit.

  4. The window was open during the video, so what you heard was a little louder than what it actually sounds like in the apartment. But it's kind of soothing!