Friday, December 23, 2011

In-N-Out Burger!

In-N-Out! First stop once I landed in CA, and a place we don't mind returning to. So good, and super inexpensive. Our favorite location is in Sunnyvale, my hometown. It's also right by an apricot of the last remaining remnants of the old Silicon Valley, which used to be nothing but fruit trees and orchards, and was called Valley of the Heart's Delight.

My heart takes delight in cheeseburgers.

Never too many lemons in my Coke.


IT'S HERE! Mine: Cheeseburger with onion.

Devin's: Cheeseburger animal style with no tomato.

...and Devin's: Double-Double plain.


Content at last.

The nearby apricot orchard! Protected by the city, at least for now. Many of Sunnyvale's beautiful cherry orchards are now shopping complexes.

In early March, these little buds will be beautiful white blossoms, and then in late July, velvety apricots!

Devin hiding from the radar.

In a few months, the field will be knee-high in these mustard blossoms.

In-N-Out themed leaf!


  1. There's no place like home....

  2. You two look happy to be home for the holidays. And you couldn't have asked for better winter weather.