Sunday, April 29, 2012


After craving pastries for weeks, we finally made it to the Doughnut Plant, which had been highly recommended to us by a knowledgeable party. And they did not lead us astray. Above we have the crème brûlée doughnut...a great invention. It's a small, round yeast doughnut filled with custard and topped with a crunchy sugar glaze. Like the real thing, but in pastry form!

Devin got the classic vanilla glazed yeast doughnut...sweet but not too sweet, with a perfect airy texture.

The benches along the walls with their apt glazed ceramic motif.

And I got the jelly filled square doughnut. The blackberry preserves inside were tart and lovely.

My square jelly, the crème brûlée, and one of the most fantastically delicious cups of iced tea I've ever had. I think it may have been Earl Grey...the citrus notes were amazing. Plain iced tea + pastries = perfection.

The walls were lined with big doughnut-shaped pillows. The pink sequined one looks a lot like their strawberry doughnut, and the shaggy white one is perhaps the coconut glaze/coconut cream. Both of which we have yet to sample. Which means we'll be back.


  1. I can't stomach real donughnuts, but I love the fiber-art version!

  2. Even though I already said this to you in person, I'm going to write it anyway: Yay! I'm a knowledgable person!

  3. Those doughnuts look really good!