Monday, August 6, 2012

A's vs. O's

The Chesapeake bay in Baltimore, Maryland! Devin and I took the bus to this fair city last weekend with some friends to take in an Oakland Athletics and Baltimore Orioles game at Camden Yards. I forgot my camera battery, so theses are iPhoned and Instagramed.

Everything in Baltimore is made out of bricks, even the ground! It's really rare to see a brick building in California (earthquakes and all that; we tend to build with stucco, wood, and iron-reinforced concrete), so it's always exciting for me to see a place where brick is the prime building material of choice. Adds an element of (imaginary) danger!

It's cool to think that ships like this really did populate Chesapeake Bay back in the 1700s! History, it's exciting stuff.
What did I tell you about the brick?

An awesome planter outside Baltimore's mall. Purple leaves
Devin walking towards the stadium in his festive shirt!

Welcome to Camden Yards which, as you may imagine, is made out of brick.

The fabric of Devin's A's shirt: MLB logo, A's logo, california poppies, and an oak tree. And this is just a bit of the residents of the shirt.

The O's mascot is cute!

I wore orange less to swear allegiance to the O's (I'm a non-partisan baseball peruser, but I do have to go with my home state's team) and more because it's the least warm item of clothing I own. Mid Atlantic summers are sticky.

Crowded and orange!

Thanks to our native Baltimorean friend, we had some amazing seats. Though Devin has been a lifelong baseball fan and game attendee, this was the closest he's ever gotten to sit in his whole life! The game highlight for me was the awesome pulled pork sandwich which came with a side of beans and coleslaw and the mammoth diet coke I consumed while there. Good times were had by all.


  1. Beautiful pics even with an Iphone :)

    I visited Detroit in '10 with some other Bay Area folk, we were initially FREAKED. OUT. by how everything is made out of brick!

    Were ya'll the only A's fans there?