Tuesday, January 15, 2013

All the Avocados

Here's my grandparent's Southern California back yard on Christmas Day. It was in the mid-sixties even though it was late December (it is SoCal, after all), so James and I futzed around outside, exploring, and eventually ended up playing a pretty intense game of underhand catch with an unripe avocado. Then we went back inside and watched more Adventure Time. PS-James is a pretty good blog model, don'tcha think?

Blue skies.

Citrus! Here, lemons. Elsewhere, Valencia oranges, which aren't great for eating out of hand, but make killer juice.

Sparkly leggings.

Hey there little buddy.

Fortnight lilies.

Pretty serious about avocados.

Here they grow on trees for free rather than costing big bucks in supermarkets, a la NYC!

African daisy.

Enveloped by avocados.

I wouldn't be Laura without a plant hat.


Beautifully overgrown. I love how many things fruit and bloom during a California winter.

And here I am in the same backyard in 1989 at age 1.5, smelling lantana.


  1. Always take time to stop and smell the lantana!

  2. In the house I grew up in Southern California, we had a avocado tree in the backyard. It had been planted in the 50s so by the time we arrived in the mid 90s, you better believe that sucka was big and full of avocados. I could actually climb the tree. They weren't Hass but Fuerte Avocados. You rarely see them in the store. They are much much bigger.

    And with this post I will now reminisce and miss my beloved California for the rest of the day.

    1. West Coast=Best Coast. I saw some Fuertes being sold along side Hass avocados by a street vendor the other day, and man, they are big! Still looked yummy, though.

  3. Oh how I miss fresh (and free!)avacados... and winter fruits and blooms. I also love how the tree branches intersect with the telephone wires so as to suggest a twill sort of weaving pattern.