Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Post from Switzerland

I came home to a lovely surprise the other day...a birthday package all the way from Switzerland! My lovely friend Erica, who has been living across the pond for a little over two years now, orchestrated one of the best gift-opening experiences for me. Here, the outside of the package, wrapped in brown paper with a trompe l'oeil bow drawn on! It's also just exciting to get something with a "Swiss Post" sticker on it. Plus, a postcard with an illustration depicting vintage women's skiwear!

After I tore off the brown paper, next came the box, which she had hand-painted to look like the snow-covered Swiss mountains she lives nearby! I definitely kept the box.

And finally, the goodies inside! Some boxes of eucalyptus-flavored Ricola, which are super-delicious and gently eucalyptus-y, and jasmine green tea flavored gum! Has a better gum been invented? I think not. And then! A jar of Tannenschösslig Latwerge, of course. It's like maple syrup, but fir tree syrup! Erica had posted about it on her blog, and I had been curious about it ever sense, so I was super excited to have a jar of my own!

Here's how I had it: over vanilla yogurt and slivered almonds with a grind of edible flower sea salt from TJ's. And it. Was. So. Good! When it hits your tongue, it's initially very bright and sweet, with hints of molasses and something almost fruity. Then the aftertaste is distinctly but delicately piney...not nearly as astringent or strong as the scent of pine sap on your hands, but still fresh, tingly, spicy, and woodsy.

I had it with a cup of peppermint tea, and the combination was amazing. Pine syrup and peppermint is the coziest, Christmassy-est, wintery-est, combination ever. And, though Christmas is over, winter is here to stay in New York until late March when trees finally start to bloom. So, this is my official endorsement of Tannenschösslig! Evergreen in a jar!

Many thanks, Erica!


  1. How quaintchiccute! Gotta get my hands on some of that syrup :)

    Also, can I make a recommendation? Erica's blog sounds neat, maybe you could make a "other blogs laura thinks are swell" link list on the side of your blog?

    1. That's a good idea! I'll work on that. In the meantime, I do turn people's names into links to their blogs, if they have one...Click Erica's name in the first paragraph, and it'll take you to hers!