Monday, May 28, 2012

Already Summer

It's hot, varying between bright and hot and thunder-stormy and hot. I feel like spring lasted for about thirty seconds. Everything has leafed out, and flowers are either fading or gone. We were too late for the wisteria pergola at the Central Park Conservatory Gardens, but at least we saw some in Brooklyn.

The Harlem Meer looking parkways.

Wearing maxi skirts, white, sandals, sunglasses, sunscreen, putting one's hair up, and seeking shade have all become obligatory.

On the plus side, the roses are starting.

Nothing but leaves. Not that I'm complaining.

I love all the outcroppings of giant rocks in Central Park. Reminds me of what the landscape may have looked like hundreds of years ago.

Devin gave me this beautiful garnet necklace several years ago. It strikes me as mildly medieval/Tolkienian, plus garnet is my birth stone, so I love it. I've been trying to remind myself to wear my jewelry more often.

Sheep Meadow dotted with sunbathers.

The Upper East Side of the park.

And our East-Side-location-only treat: Jamba Juice! While ubiquitous in CA, finding it here requires a bit of a trek.

Pomegranate Paradise on a sweltering day = well worth it.


  1. I love the garnet necklace and the print on your shirt reminds me of that Chinese painting you had in your room for a while. I have the same jewelry resolution, too! I have so many great pieces and sometimes I am just too lazy to put them on but then I feel bad that they are sitting in my bathroom drawer not being appreciated...I think my goal should be to always wear at least one piece of jewelry. :-)

  2. I need a maxi dress! Yours is cuuute!

  3. You're having more summer than we are. We bundled up so we could BBQ in the back yard on Memorial Day!