Sunday, June 3, 2012

Chelsea Market Picnic

Last weekend, in the midsts of a heat wave, we subwayed down to the Chelsea Market with some friends. Above are our spoils: Fresh baguettes, melty cheese from Buon Italia, red raspberries, and sparkling apple cider.

After wandering around the indoor market, we made our way to the High Line, where the sun looked like this. The High Line is an old elevated freight train track that's been transformed into a pedestrian pathway, complete with restaurants, benches, plants, trees, and fountains.

Free bread from the Chelsea Market! The stand was closing for the day, and giving away the unsold loaves. My brain switched into angry mob mode and I grabbed a bunch.

Amy's Bread, you were good to us!

Devin soaking up some sun.

I smeared the cheese on the whole wheat baguette and topped it with berries. Perfect picnic fare.

Plus this.

One of our friend's white baguette and gouda cheese.

The view of the bay from our spot.

Our other friend's baguette and double-cream brie!

Post-picnic, seeking some shade.

Street view.

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  1. Sounds like a great afternoon. I've heard about the High Line. I'm glad you got to go there. (Don't forget, Martinelli's comes from Watsonville, CA.)