Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Brooklyn Baking Party

Last week we set out with a bold plan in mind: To make lemon cupcakes, fill them with lemon curd, and frost them with raspberry frosting. We decided to potluck the ingredients: that is, everyone bring a few things, and then we combine them into one cohesive cupcake whole.

One of us was subletting a room in a charming Brooklyn apartment that was outfitted with a Fantasy Dream Kitchen, where all the bowls were beautiful, there was plenty of space and natural light, and herbs thrived on every windowsill. Above: A team mixing effort!

Creaming butter and sugar: The first step of any successful baking venture.

Also, in this kitchen, all the drinking glasses are mason jars.

Dolloping the fluffy, foamy batter into silver baking cups is also a communal effort.

One of the many lemons that sacrificed itself for the greater good.


A close-up of my friend Madeline's (of the lovely blog A Girl Named Bruce, and also of real life, which is where I initially knew her from) lovely locks and adorable dress. This girl's got taste.

Post-oven cupcakes, bowl of home-made lemon curd (we were so proud of it, it didn't curdle or anything), and bowl of raspberry frosting, made with raspberry preserves and a bit of sour cream.

The next step was the scoop the middles out of the cupcakes and spoon in the curd.

Frost, and voilá!

Absolutely amazing. If you just have to make them yourself now, the various recipes can be found here.