Tuesday, June 26, 2012

A Day in San Jose

There are good bits to every city, and we hit up some of my favorite parts of San Jose, CA the other day. They included the San Jose Rose Garden, where we attempted to smell every rose in order to catalogue the most delicious ones.

There were also plenty of neat bugs huddling in the petals. I envy them their houses.


Rose hips! Someday I'll have my own garden, and I'll be able to steep my own rose hips for tea.

Bee bumbling about.

A green thing!

Afterwards we grabbed lunch at The Poor House Bistro near the Shark Tank. When one gets cajun food, plenty of iced tea with lemon is required.

Devin got a grilled chicken sandwich and fries...

And I got the spicy shrimp po' boy.

For dessert, I had my first beignets! I like how light they are, and barely sweet...but of course, they're smothered in mountains of powdered sugar.

Another San Jose gem: Babyland on San Carlos! So creepy.

Big sky, I've missed you.