Monday, July 2, 2012

We're All Animals

On my first full day back in California, I went to the San Francisco Zoo with my family. It was mom, dad, and brother are all just as excited about looking at animals as I am (that is, very, very excited), so we were happy campers. Also, the San Francisco Zoo is the least depressing, most hospitable zoo I've ever been to...the inhabitants seem genuinely content, and most of them (excepting the polar bear, of course) come from climates that are extremely similar to that of the Bay Area, so they feel right at home.

My little brother (who's just recently surpassed me in height!) and a giraffe (who remains taller than both of us).

Delicious leaves!

I bet you can guess which one is the alpha male.

Family observing a bird of sorts.

Brother and a monkey.

Our closest relative!

Sleepy koala.

Brother being horrified by the horrid parrots.

Bear! And a stray seagull.

Mid-zoo snack: Vanilla soft serve!

Me retreating slumped in defeat because all the sheep in the petting zoo refused to be petted, and would rather hide under signs.

Lemur sitting like a little long-tailed person.


  1. Thanks for the lovely photos! I feel as if I've been there myself!

  2. Yay! Giraffes! Flamingos! Hippos! Polar Bears! I love the zoo! (Especially when the animals are happy!)