Sunday, July 8, 2012

Ease Your Feet into the Sea

On my second-to-last day on the West Coast, I headed over the mountains along a winding road to visit a friend in Santa Cruz. After some delicious Thai food, we drove up Highway 1 to a secret, glorious beach.

Marisa leading the way.

Mini-cliff a few inches high made of sand.

We spent our time at the beach hunting for the remains of small things, and for secret pools of tiny marine life.

A cluster of purple sea snails.

Glistening sea anemone.

Marisa on the hunt.

Theresa basking in the sun reflected off the water.


I captured a tiny hermit crab for a moment. He has blue-banded legs and discontented eyes.

The babiest of baby sea snails! Look how big they are compared to grains of sand on the far left.

Lovely Theresa and lovely cliffscapes.


The belly of a limpet. Soon enough it was reattached to its rock.

Crab scuttling away from our shifting of its rocks.

Marisa's treasure.

A red dress on a warm, breezy day.

The water looked almost tropical. Thank you for the sunshine, Santa Cruz!

Marisa and Theresa!

Wildflowers on a ledge.

2012 is the year of the Pixie Cut.

How I transported my treasure trove to safety, at the expense of my toes amidst the rocks.

The pathway up to the highway.

Hills and sky.

When leaving the beach, it's polite to check its mail for it.

Afterwards we stopped at Swanton Berry Farm for some provisions.

And oh, what previsions they were. Olaollieberry compote with whipped cream and shortbread, blackberry, olaollieberry, and strawberry truffles, and chocolate covered strawberries. 

It's nearly impossible to choose favorites from such a lot, but this burst of tart, juicy sweetness cloaked in chocolate is hard to ignore.

Bust still, the truffles...

Where to get your spoons and napkins.

Marisa considering a truffle.

Berry weighing station.

A fabulous, tangy bite of the olallieberry shortbread.

Cows adjacent to the berry farm.

And finally, Marisa's glorious neighborhood near downtown. Palmtrees, clear skies, telephone wires, adorable houses. Santa Cruz, I'll be back.


  1. What wonderful photos, especially the close-ups of the sea creatures.

  2. I so bummed I couldn't come with! But I'm also so glad you had such a lovely and delightful time! Beautiful photos!

    1. Emily, we sure missed you and Bridget!