Sunday, October 16, 2011

Fall Feasting

Since New York's famed fall foliage hasn't busted loose yet, I decided to bring the seasonal colors myself. Red and yellow--the best hues for leaves, condiments, and outfits.

Also good colors for fresh farmer's market fruit.

In celebration of my improved health and all the great ingredients coming into season, I whipped up a fancy feast for our Sunday dinner. On the menu: Butternut squash and parmigiano ravioli in browned butter, garlic, and sage--

Focaccia bread with scallions, rosemary, and sea salt--
And a sweet pepper and cauliflower salad--
Dressing ingredients--

(Recipes from Tanis's "The Heart of the Artichoke.")


  1. This makes craaave them veggies so bad! Also, love your detail shots :)

  2. This was an unwittingly entirely vegetarian meal...and so yumbly!

  3. You are quite the cook! And coincidentally, I'm making a rosemary foccacia bread this week too. Is Devin enjoying your fabulous food as well?

  4. I've never seen pre-made ravioli "shells;" must be a big city phenomena. Your meal looked lovely. Now your liberal aunt must ask if you have been with the Wall Streeters yet? Love you.

  5. Secret: They're wonton wrappers! And regarding the Wall Streeters--I've been supporting the cause from way uptown because I don't like crowds or the Financial District. But I'm there in spirit!