Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Rhymes with Door Hinge

You guessed it (maybe)! October and the color orange are almost synonymous in my mind.

Today I made a salad with arugula, feta, and honey and red pepper roasted butternut squash.

The dressing was really zingy, and included lime juice, roasted garlic, honey, and dijon. I adapted the recipe from "Power Foods," which was complied by the editors of Whole Living Magazine-- a slightly off-putting name (reminds me of 80's power suits), but the recipes are awesome.

I also made a sweet potato and Romanesco broccoli gratin with crispy sage leaves, adapted from the November issue of Whole Living (so I'm a little addicted to that publication...).

Romanesco is a fun vegetable because it's so crazy and alien-looking, though it tastes almost exactly like earthly cauliflower. A good example of fractals found in nature!

I made the sage and parmesan b├ęchamel sauce with greek yogurt and chicken stock rather than whole milk and water, and it was delicious.

Even the afternoon sun coats everything in orange light. I'm excited for the leaves to catch up. Hear that, leaves? Get to it!


  1. Yummy photos! Where do you find the time for your fancy cooking? ...And does Devin eat it??

  2. Yep! Because it is delicious. And then he makes me yummy home made pizza (and puts veggies on my half), so it is a fair trade.

  3. I really like all of your pics. Always. Come back! Ah!

  4. YuM. So much Yum. I need to get a camera. <3

  5. Until this blog I had no idea that you possessed such culinary talent. Maybe you could cook us a meal sometime when you are back in CA?

  6. Looks palatable.Love all the captures you have.

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