Saturday, October 29, 2011


Today it snowed! As I was walking to campus to teach my Saturday class, the rain turned into big flakes, and by the time class was over things were coated in white. Now I know for sure that cowgirl boots are not snow boots, mostly because they are treadless. Time to go boot shoppin'!

It was exciting to see the snow pile on top of my iPhone weather app.

Looking down Broadway.

Bundled! Sweatshirt, jacket with fur collar, peacoat, fleece scarf, giant knitted hat, boots. Toasty!

After we got home, we had hot chocolate and graham crackers and watched the snowflakes flurry around. I'd been to the snow before, but that's the thing: in California, the snow is somewhere you go, it doesn't come to you. It's really exciting to have it happen where I live!


  1. Ah, reality is setting in. Looks beautiful, but I do hope you get some good boots! And maybe a coat.

  2. I love that you are excited to experience your first snowfall! It's magical. This might be my favorite entry so far; and you even managed to squeeze in one food shot. Glad to see Devin's cocoa/graham regimen on a snowy day. So cozy!

  3. :) I'm reading this on the bus I just have this big grin on my face everyone probably thinks I'm a psychopath. Anyway, this makes me happy. And snow came to me last year at my house! For one day! :)