Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sun Worshipper

In California, I would often complain about the sun--too hot, too bright, the constant need for sunglasses to shield my eyes and sunscreen to keep my super fair skin from turning lobster-hued. Oh, how wrong I was! Though it hasn't been a particularly cold or snowy winter in Manhattan, it has been a cloudy one. And tall buildings = a lot of sun blockage. So now whenever it's a clear day, I scurry outside and try to soak up as many winter rays as possible. It's ridiculous how much getting direct sunlight recharges me and ups my energy level...I feel like a plant.

Blue sky!

It's even gone so far that I'm buying yellow flowers...

And painting my fingernails to match! At least this way I can bring a little sunshine with me wherever I go.



  1. That must feel absolutely delicious on your skin. Sun definitely recharges me too.

  2. Your post reminds me of why I live in California and not in Oregon.