Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Too Many Delicious Bites

I love bite-sized food, mostly because it allows me to sample as wide a variety of deliciousness as possible without spending too much or getting too full. Thus, I love sliders, hors d'oeuvres, mini anything, tacos, and dim sum. Today was full of tiny awesomeness. First, we finally found some absolutely amazing dim sum! Yeah, it's like forty minutes away in Chinatown, but good enough to be worth the trek. Red Egg, we love you!

Pork and shrimp and seafood Sui Mai! So good, and with delicious, meaty chunks of shiitake mushrooms.

These. Were. Amazing. Garlic spare ribs!

Red Egg doesn't do the cart rolling-around thing, which I actually sort of prefer. I like being able to look at all my choices and order all at once. It's less stressful and more methodical.

Har Gow! Tiny and full of fresh, yummy shrimp.

Steamed pork bun, a childhood favorite, and still just as scrumptious. I liked that their pork buns were small and delicate.

Red Egg is decorated in a red-and-black-only color scheme. Pretty posh.

Crispy shrimp rolls--diminutive and dangerously good.

This was the surprise show-stealer: Lo Mai Ga (sticky rice and various bits of meat wrapped in lotus leaves)! I always really like this dish, but Red Egg doesn't just do chicken and Chinese sausage inside...also hearty chunks of smoked pork, as well as other surprises!

As if the day could get any better....ACTUAL SUN. And actual warmth emitted by the actual sun. Beautiful!

More miniature delicious things: Yesterday Devin surprised me with an early present of a box of mini cupcakes from Crumb's. Today I ate my three favorites, which are:

Vanilla cake & frosting with mini M&Ms, vanilla cake with raspberry frosting & filling, and the Grasshopper (an amalgamation of various chocolate and mint components). Awesome sakura plate a gift from my brother.

A happy camper!

Here's some of the rest of the gang that will have to wait til later to be devoured. For details on their construction, see my previous post Cupcakes on Broadway.

A glimpse into the genius of Crumbs: frosting on the top and in the middle!

More centers, and the necessary accompaniment, cold almond milk.

And that's not all! My mom sent us a treat from the West Coast, something that's always been a Valentine's staple with my family.

A box of assorted See's chocolates! All dark chocolate covered, of course.

And finally, a tiny, beautiful, sunset-colored orchid from Devin.


  1. I'm jealous of your Valentine's Day. Everything sounds perfect, right down to the cold almond milk on the side...which I just had with reheated chocolate chip cookies I stole from the cafeteria at work. They were not Crumbs, but they sufficed. :P I actually had Japanese food with my grandparents, so at least I got some Asian in there...but I would have loved to have had See's too! I was gonna go there today but decided I didn't want to wait in the inevitably-hour-long line. Happy <3 Day you lovebirds. :)

  2. Oh and I'll send you See's anytime in exchange for Crumbs, haha. :P

  3. Sounds like a great Valentine's Day! I'm glad you finally found some good Chinese food!

  4. What a wonderful Valentine's Day you two had. And I especially like that last picture. A very creative and personal and free Valentine.