Monday, March 26, 2012

Bam! Spring.

On the first day of spring (March 20th, when these were taken), everything exploded into bloom. It was pretty nuts--you go to bed on the last day of winter, wake up, and all the dormant trees are smothered in pink and white. On the exact calendar day of the start of a new season. Weird! Now I'm greeted by flowering magnolias and these white trees that line Broadway every time I leave my apartment. It's pretty magical.

Close up of the white blossoms.

Magnolia tree on an traffic island on Broadway, and bit of Columbia's Dodge Hall.

No more socks or coat!

The trees that don't blossom are just beginning to cover themselves in a fine mist of green.

Detail of the picnic table where we sat in Riverside Park to read that series of books that everyone's reading this week. I don't think I need to tell you which one.

I ate an apple, and then this squirrel friend came up and borrowed my core and scampered up into the highest branches to consume it. At first I was worried that he was going to eat himself sick, but then I remembered the squirrels I've seen eating french fries out of trash cans, and felt better about the situation.

The print of my t-shirt. I love anything with a animal theme--whether it's leopard-spotted or a print of frolicking wolves, count me in.

A sort of faux Salade Ni├žoise I whipped up later that evening. New potatoes (including those purple ones!) roasted with olive oil and rosemary, green beans, home made balsamic onion marmalade, and a dressing of one tablespoon olive oil, one clove of minced fresh garlic, half a lemon, salt, and pepper. I've discovered that a clove of raw garlic and half a lemon are the key to all deliciousness, whether in a light potato salad, a bowl of guacamole, or finishing off a lentil and carrot stew. I'm so excited to start cooking for spring.

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  1. We have as many blossoms as you do, but you have blue sky--which we haven't seen in weeks!