Sunday, March 4, 2012

Cream Tea & Crocuses

Signs of spring are slowly but surely encroaching on the gloom. Though it may not have been 77 degrees here as it was in California, I had fun foraging for bits of brightness amongst the brown. And a chilly day calls for hot tea and a sweet snack! After a brisk turn about the park, I concocted my perfect pseudo-English tea experience.

Robin Red-Breast, harbinger of warmer days?

As you can see, the landscape is still pretty barren. But there are small surprises!

Last fall's drying fruit.

Park workers bagging up winter's dead leaves so the grass can have a go at it.


Flannel shirt and giant hat knitted by a friend still very necessary.

Crocuses! Orange ones!

And the normal kind.

New Jersey across the Hudson.

Since there was no snowfall to knock these leaves off, the plant just went ahead and bloomed with them still attached.

Devin on the bench.

And now: Tea time!
I had a toasted whole grain waffle with hot apple and maple syrup compote (I simmered applesauce with the syrup in a saucepan), a dab of greek yogurt, cinnamon, walnuts, and a bunch of delicious crisp purple grapes.

I love how the remaining syrup in the bottle has the exact same color gradient as the leaves on the label! Maple syrup, so delicious, way too expensive.

My entire tea time.

So, the tea I have is sort of a riff on the cream teas I've had during my visits to England. I use black tea, but with a twist: Mango! This sweet, aromatic tea is good on its own, but...

I add a teaspoon of honey...

And afterwards a splash of almond milk instead of the cream. So delicious, and warms me right through.


  1. your beautiful pictures always make me want to get a camera, so much! <3

  2. I guess if NY has blossoms, it can't be too early for CA! I really like the bird pictures.

    And I'm always impressed by how carefully you prepare your snacks. Way to take care of yourself!!

  3. California might have beat NYC to springtime, but NYC has definitly beat the Alps! I think, my first 'real' winter in England made me fully appreciate the wonder that is Spring. Too bad my teatimes were not as tastey and wholesome as yours! Yum!

  4. That has to be the best looking tea time treat I have ever seen. I think I'll try that simmered applesauce and maple syrup idea.