Sunday, March 18, 2012

Legitimate Lions and Tigers and Bears

On Wednesday, when I had a slight reprieve from my cold symptoms, we subwayed north out of Manhattan to the Bronx Zoo. I have mixed feelings about zoos in general: On one hand, I'm crazy about seeing animals in person, especially animals I don't normally get to hang out with (that might not be entirely true...I get pretty giddy around cats and dogs, too). On the other, I have to wonder if the animals are truly happy and fulfilled in their simulated environment, which, however large, is just a fraction of the size of their natural habitat, and if they're incredibly annoyed by the constant gawking and squawking and camera flashing of zoo patrons. Do they get sick of each other? Do they long for a predator or some prey to be introduced to liven things up a bit? However, on the whole, the animals at the Bronx Zoo seemed pretty okay with their situation, and not super listless. Especially the grizzly bears! But we'll get to that later.

While on a zoo expedition, it's necessary to blend in with the locals.

Tree kangaroos! Not actually kangaroos or related to kangaroos, but it's true that they do live in trees!


Panthers. I want one.

The peacocks at least got to roam free about the park at their leisure.


Lion! Or as all the parents were exclaiming to their various small children, "Look at Simba!"

Grizzly bear! The very bear that graces California's state flag! Though I've been camping in various mountainy areas of the state many many times over the course of my life, I had to wait to travel to New York, far away from their natural habitat, to see some.

All four grizzlies! They were super active, running and climbing and digging and being friendly with each other.

Such a cutie!

And then tigers! Devin was pretty stoked.

Plus, he's serious about their survival.

Giant kitty!

An unofficial on-and-off-again inhabitant.

Zoo gate.

Sea lion!

Welcome to the Monkey House.

Mister lemur has a staring problem.

"Man, it's tired in here."

This week hasn't been much of a spring break for me, what with the cold, a sturdy amount of homework, and working my usual hours at the library, so it was nice to have a little adventure.


  1. Oh MY! Love the animal photos! =) Also, I think you're quite clever to blend in with the animals on the top of the food chain.

  2. You took some really good pictures! I really like the cats and the lemurs. Also the flowers.

  3. I love your pictures! I want to get a camera so I can post awesome blogs with photos :)

  4. Those are some of the longest monkey tails I've ever seen. And I do hope you were using a zoom lens for some of those close-up shots. Yikes!