Sunday, March 11, 2012

The Perfect Picnic

Thursday was absolutely balmy--68 degrees Fahrenheit, sunny, and breezy. Now that I've lived through an actually cold (not freezing, but cold) winter, I fully understand exactly what "balmy" means. The warm air and soft sun really did act like a soothing balm. Cold air stings and burns. The first pleasantly warm and sunny day of the year is like a healing salve, relaxing away the bite of winter. So what to do? A picnic in Central Park, of course, to soak up the sun! And what better food than Mexican food, so we can complete the illusion that we've traveled to the West Coast.

We also brought along some fruit, since it's delicious and Devin and I are both kind of obsessed with it. Above we have one of the sweetest pineapples I've ever tasted, and the year's first good strawberries.

Enjoying some delicious orange!

Devin got a chicken quesadilla, which came disguised as a salad with the bonus of yummy queso blanco and sour cream. But underneath, cheesy, chickeny goodness.

Our picnic blanket.

I had a taco con carnitas, plus a cool cup of iced horchata. It was fun to see everyone wandering about with iced coffee and smoothies and cups of ice cream--all of New York had been waiting for a day like this.

Slight fuzz of new leaves.

My Birthday dress, which I bought a few months ago as a present to myself! It's silk, so I had to wait until the first actually spring-y day to bust it out. Well worth the wait! (It wasn't quite warm enough to go without tights, so I opted for a lighter hue than my usual cold-weather-black.)

I'm in love with the pattern and the color. It's the only orange thing in my closet right now, but someday that might have to change.

My winter boots got a rest!


Now it's back to a nippy 43 degrees, but next week things are looking up. Hurry back, balmy days!


  1. I love your dress--but you could have guessed that!

  2. What a marvelous early Spring you are having. And our lovely Spring dress; it looks wonderful on you. I recognize that picnic blanket too Devin.