Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Before the Frost

I thought, for posterity and future generations, I'd show you what Riverside Park looked like a few weeks ago, before the nor'easter and other storm. I was wearing a slightly witchy outfit and we took a stroll down Cherry Walk in Riverside Park (If you want to see what Cherry Walk looked like in April, click here).

All the cherries were still clinging to the trees...it seems like the birds and squirrels don't eat them, which strikes me as odd. I wanted to try one, but restrained myself, since I didn't have my Poisonous Cherry Antidote on me at the time.

Wood and rock.

Berry pattern/Lace pattern.

Devin and I are both something of Squirrel Whisperers...we got this guy to come up right to us without any food or anything.

Amethyst pendant and untouched fruit.

Fallen apples resting on a bench.

Devin and Laura Diptych.


  1. Cute top. I like the sepia pictures.

    Do you have snow pictures to share?