Sunday, November 18, 2012

My Curiosity Cabinet

This is a post I'm using for the final project of my master class that took place in the American Museum of Natural History. Each photograph represents a different hall in the museum.

Hall of African Mammals: Snow Leopard in the Central Park Zoo, September 2011

The Hall of Ocean Life: Hermit Crab and Shoe as Treasure Chest, Sant Cruz, CA, July 2012

Sanford Hall of North American Birds: Early Morning Pigeon Migration by the Caltrain Station, Sunnyvale, CA, 2009 and Dead Bird on the Grounds of St. John's Cathedral, Manhattan, 2011

Hall of North American Mammals: Grizzly Bear in the Bronx Zoo, March 2012, and Hiking Path at Rancho San Antonio, Los Altos, CA, June 2012


  1. Oh, I like this! Very nice zoo close-ups.

  2. I love the East Coast-West Coast juxtoposition!