Thursday, November 1, 2012

On the Lam

Over the weekend we had a lot of indoor time, so we caught up on a great show. Boardwalk Empire (starring the unendingly lovable Steve Buscemi) is set in the early 1920s in Atlantic City, and revolves around bootleggers, crooked politicians, gamblers, thugs, and ladies of ill repute. The costumes and set design are sumptuous, period-specific down to the finest detail, and inspiring. Dressing up for Halloween was sort of a last minute decision, so everything we wore was something we already had. Above, my white Peter Pan collared dress.

Devin slicked his hair and shaved his beard for the occasion. He left some scruff and sideburns as required for an extra gig he recently booked (Martin Scorsese's The Wolf of Wall Street).

My trompe l'oeil stockings (they're pantyhose, but made of a sheerer material from thigh-up) and old Oxfords (and by that I mean at least four years old and almost completely worn through on the soles. Maybe for Christmas I'll treat myself to a new pair of shoes, though right now I'd rather have socks and long johns).

This green cloche hat I've had for six years, since I was a senior in high school--I think it was from Urban Outfitters. My lipstick is MAC satin in "Underworld" (an apt name for the occasion). Not only does it go on smoothly, but it smells mildly of vanilla.

Like last year, this East Coast Halloween was downright frigid. As a trick-or-treater in California, I was used to breezy, sunny October days and mildly nippy nights. Not so here. Children were wearing puffy Michelin Man jackets under their Thor and Spiderman and princess costumes as they trick-or-treated at Duane Reades and Rite Aids along Broadway, and my cardigan and hat were of direst necessity. There's something to be said for a suburban All Hallow's Eve in a place where you don't have to work outerwear into your ensemble.

This faux-fur trimmed sweater is big, toasty, and comforting.

Devin wore his Levi's jacket, pinstriped trousers of mysterious origin that he's had for five years or so, vest from H&M, and tie from Express. 

Over the long weekend I did my nails, and I love how they came out. I borrowed (blatantly stole) the idea from a friend's Instagram picture of her manicure. First I applied a dark eggplant-y purple polish (Sally Hansen "Deepest of Violets), then dabbed on a little fine gold shimmer at the base of the nails (O.P.I.  "Gold Texture"), then finished it off with a sparkly sliver with various sizes of glitter (Essie "Set In Stones"). I'm enchante with the final effect, and plan on repeating it with various other base shades (cranberry for Thanksgiving, cherry red for Christmas, periwinkle for New Years). My suggestion for this look is to only apply a little gold shimmer at the base--I'm not going to go as high up next time, so there will be more dark tips.

Staying prim & proper.

Right now my hair happens to be the perfect length for the decade we chose. I just bobby-pinned my bangs, and then applied more black eyeliner and mascara than usual. My glasses are decidedly not 1920's-y (they favored round wire-rimmed spectacles), but when you're as legitimately nearsighted as I am and also a broke grad student, the cat-eyes you own are better than stumbling around blind.

I hope everyone had a safe, spooky, and candy-filled Halloween, and enjoy El Dia de los Muertos!


  1. My Halloween was too candy-filled!

  2. Been catching up on your last 3 blogs today. What fun! Since I have discovered Pinterest many other things have gotten less attention.
    You two look fabulous in these outfits!