Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Central Park in November

There has been some apologizing going on for the state of autumn in Manhattan this year…“we skipped fall,” “leaves are really better upstate,” etc. I refuse to accept this! After having been constantly told that the fall I experience in California isn’t fall at all*, I want some legit leaf action! I’ve been (a little obsessively) checking the Current Foliage Report on the official I NY website, and it told me that this week is supposed to be the real deal. To Central Park!

(*Disclaimer: lots of leaves turn spectacularly red and orange and gold in the Bay Area, so I'm not entirely sure what those West Coast complainers are on about. That said, the East Coast is doing a pretty good job of fall.)

Spot the Devin!

There's some give and take--spectacular leaves in exchange for daylight. New York is considerably further north than Silicon Valley, so after the time change it's already pitch black at 5 PM, and it can only get darker. This is making us treasure each fleeting hour of sunlight all the more.


  1. Wow! Lots of nice pictures. I especially enjoyed the one of Devin overlooking Central Park and the others that gave a bigger view of the park. And the one that looks like Monet's garden in fall.

  2. Gorgeous pictures! You've captured so much Autumn there. The one with the mirrored image in the pond is breathtaking.
    And your dress and boots look is great!