Saturday, November 5, 2011

Taco Crisis Averted

You can all rest easy now, knowing that the Great Lack of Good Mexican Food cerca August 2011-November 2011 is at long last over. And none too soon. Yesterday we were supposed to get some tortas from a place right by Target in Harlem...good reviews on Yelp, on the way, etc. Well, when we got to the corner it was supposed to be on, there was a brand-new gas station instead. So today I was on a mission: tacos or bust.

And we found some! Taqueria y Fonda la Mexicana is actually really close by, on Amsterdam and 108th. And it is GOOD. The taco con carnitas was yummy (not as good as tacos back west, but you know). Doubled up on the fresh corn tortillas, a lot of meat, pico de gallo, and cilantro. But what blew me away was the salsa...DELICIOUS. Both kinds (roja y verde) were really spicy, and the verde was nice and garlicky.

And the horchata! Refreshing, not too sweet, and super cinnamony--the best way. The restaurant is a teeny tiny hole in the wall with an open kitchen right behind the register, and a few tables and chairs. Perfect.

Since the taco was kind of giant (I rather prefer tiny tacos), I only ate half of this delicious torta. But that means more for later! I've had some awesome tortas in my life--Three Brothers in East Palo Alto especially, and some good stuff in the Mission district of San Francisco--and this was on par with these. Crispy and light bolillo roll, melty queso blanco, black beans, well-seasoned carne asada, lettuce, tomato, onion, avocado, pickled jalapeƱo, and mayo. Plus I piled on the salsa.

Blissed-out after devouring the food of my dreams, sporting newly acquired jumper and infinity scarf to ward off the November chill.


  1. You know I still have never had a torta... I don't know why. But that picture has me sold. Next Mexican gorge = TORTA.

  2. Now I want a torta. Any good ones in Sunnyvale or very nearby?

    The Mexican restaurant on Murphy St. reopened under new ownership, but unfortunately their carnitas tacos do not pass the test.