Monday, November 21, 2011


The Chrysler Building is the most beautiful skyscraper I've ever seen. Art Deco is such a glorious style.

The marbled interior looks like petrified wood. Lovely.

Face-off between Grand Central Terminal and the Chrysler.

The Ghostbusters branch of the New York Public Library!

A 1911 photograph of the ongoing construction of St. John the Divine (the cathedral by our apartment).

Looking like a Picasso is not generally complimentary. I'm a little disconcerted by the neck similarities. Fitting that I'm wearing his favorite kind of shirt.

Bubbles from the 1940's.

The beginnings of Christmas trimmings!

One of the reading rooms.

A lovely pigeon...or, more like a dove with a smattering of pigeon.


  1. Was the Picasso just hanging there in the library? That whole library looks like a movie set. A reminder of how new everything is here in California.

  2. What an amazing reading room. Devin's heart must have beat a little quicker in there.
    After your wonderful blogs, I feel like I've already had a vacation in New York.