Friday, November 11, 2011

Times Square

Popped above ground briefly at 42nd Street to take a look at Times Square.

Neon advertisements.

How all the neon advertisements made me feel.


How the crowds made us feel.

All of the (meager) landscaping consisted of decorative potted cabbages.

Hershey's store! Hershey's chocolate is far too sweet and waxy for me, but it was exciting nonetheless.

Reese's, the #1 Halloween candy choice of my childhood.

Across the street was an entire store devoted to M&Ms.

MOST. EXPENSIVE. DIM SUM. EVER. We definitely didn't eat anything in Times Square. I just need to have it on-record that their har gow is $9.50, and $10 for bao! Ridiculous.

Underbelly of 42nd street.


  1. This fits my stereotype of NYC.

    .....And, yes, you did miss out on the peanut butter cups this year.

  2. At least the trick-or-treaters were happy! I managed not to eat any halloween candy, which I think was better in the long run. Oh, except I did have a mini Mr. Goodbar.

  3. This entry had me laughing out loud. Great pictures depicting your crowd aversions! But what a colorful place. What were all the little red chairs for? Tired shoppers?