Thursday, September 22, 2011

Barbeque in Harlem

Dinosaur Bar-B-Que! Directions: Head north through Harlem, you'll know you're there once you pass beneath a giant bridge made out of arches and metal.

Cranes filling the empty sky with bricks.

Weeds! I've really missed scraggly vegetation sprouting from cement, so this was a fun find.

Here we are! Four different sauces, which almost guarantees a good restaurant experience. I am all about the sauce.

Devin makes a mean pitcher of lemonade, and I quote: "This is almost as good as mine!"--Devin. And it was!

We ordered the "Sweetheart Deal for Two," which is made up of a full rack of ribs, plus four sides of our choosing. Devin decided on mac & cheese and fries, and I picked coleslaw and collard greens.

For me, soul food is all about the sides. I'd be perfectly content with a meal made up simply of these add-ons, and a hallmark of a good place is careful attention to the extras. Dinosaur did not disappoint! The mac & cheese was flavorful and creamy, the noodles were cooked al dente, and the sauce had a hint of meaty richness to it...a bit of gravy, perhaps? The stewed collard greens were tender, succulent, highly seasoned, and delicious.

But I'm not complaining about the ribs, either!

This humble-looking coleslaw was the unexpected show stealer. I ordered it after our waitress informed us that the whipped sweet potatoes were MIA, but I was glad to end up with this. The slaw was spicy and tart, with vegetables julienned thick and lightly dressed with a hint of creaminess. None of that shredded watery sweet stuff of roadside diners.

Dessert! Shortcake with a compote of black-, blue-, and strawberries and fluffy whipped cream. Awesome.

Sunset over the Hudson.


  1. That meal looks Amazing! Holy Cow! or Pig? I'll want directions to that restaurant when I visit New York. And the lemonade??? It must have been something to compare with Devin's. :)

  2. We'll definitely be glad to take you there! And that lemonade was the closest to Devin's homemade that I have ever tasted. Crazy!

  3. Wow, that food looks delicious! I haven't had mac and cheese for ages, but now I want some.

    What is the bridge thing? An elevated railway? Is it in use?

  4. The bridge is an elevated rail way, I think. I'm pretty sure it's still in use, but not positive,

  5. My mouth is watering! (are these Magdalena's recommendations? :) So glad to see that you are not going hungry as a starving student in the big apple.