Sunday, September 25, 2011


We ate at Excellent Dumpling House on Lafayette. Definitely the best Cantonese food we've had so far.

Chive and scallion pancakes, which were Devin's favorite.

Steamed spinach dumplings.

Pork dumplings and seafood soup dumplings. Lesson: dumplings are not a photogenic food. But so yummy! Also, this restaurant's red chile paste was nice and spicy, which gives them bonus points. I guess this means that what I'm really in the mood for is Szechuan food.

Afterwards, I bought some fruit from a little stand.
Exterior of a dragon fruit.


How to eat it: scoop out contents with a spoon. Taste: sour, tart, surprisingly refreshing. Texture: juicy, soft, pliable, yet a little crisp.

Also, some fragrant lychees.


  1. Another impressive looking meal! And that dragon fruit....I've never seen anything like that in my life. It's beautiful!
    And those pancakes look delicious.

  2. Glad you found some good Chinese food!

  3. That dragon fruit is perty. And the lychees are excellently composed.

  4. Thanks! I am a self-styled fruit stylist.