Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A Bit of the Met

The Metropolitan Museum of Art! Enormous, easy to get entangled in, slightly exhausting. And we've barely scraped the surface--today we just took in the second floor, which varies widely in medium, time period, and culture. Luckily this museum is free with my student ID, so we'll be back! And in more comfortable shoes. It will be a cosy place to explore when the air gets chillier, and that frozen stuff--What do you Northeasterners call it? Snow?--begins to blanket the city.


Ink and persimmons? Yes please.

Oh hello, Rembrandt. Looking a little paunchy.

Dutch still lives make me so happy! Obsessive attention to detail, food, flowers, and composition is right up my alley.

This takes me back to the Mauritshuis in Den Haag, which is possibly my favorite museum ever.

And a Vermeer!

My new "profile picture."

Detail of a gown in the Medieval gallery.

This dude and I are bringin' Napoleonic poses back.

Creepy young child in red with ominous cats intent on the demise of his magpie, perhaps symbolic of his early death? Real sinister, 18th century.

El Greco is refreshing after all the realism. He's also Devin's favorite.

Coins beneath the surface of the indoor fountain.

Instead of tickets, the Met hands out these cool buttons that vary in color according to the day.

See you soon!


  1. Great new profile pic Laura. And Devin, you're looking very statuesque.

  2. Nice museum poses! So much Culture--with a capital C.

  3. I love Bodhisattvadevin! Glad you're finding great jealous of the Vermeer sighting! What painting is the second picture from? The silk is so luminous and beautiful...

  4. It's a detail from a painting of a Marie Antoinette-looking woman painting a painting...something along the lines of a "self portrait of the artist," which was cool since she was a chick. But I guess art was one of the appropriate and ladylike pursuits of the superaristocracy.