Friday, September 2, 2011


This week has been filled with school-things (which is what I'm actually here to do...I'd forgotten) such as different sorts of orientations, meeting my classmates, and registering for classes, so I thought I'd tide you over with some photos from the other place we visited whilst in the Financial District: The Irish Hunger Memorial. It's an Irish cottage that was shipped over to American soil in memoriam of the one million people who perished during the potato famine. This little plot of Irish countryside is incongruously stuffed between massive glass-and-metal sky scrapers, and it definitely satiated my appetite for some vegetation in the concrete jungle that is lower Manhattan.

Walking towards the entrance.

The view from the top of the memorial's terrace is new World Trade Center (called the Freedom Tower), which is currently under construction.

This accurately depicts the memorial's definite down-town surroundings. Plus Devin surveying the new Trade Center--he didn't know this picture was being taken, which proves he's naturally a good stander.

The corner of the 19th century cottage. The memorial contains stones from each county in Ireland, as well as native Irish plants and soil! I'm making a serious face as this is a serious monument, even though I'm a little giddy at feeling as if I'm back in some corner of the United Kingdom.

Next week is my first week of classes, and it's also supposed to be dotted with thunder storms. This rainy weekend is the perfect opportunity for us to visit some museums (which are miraculously free with my brand-new student ID), so get ready for some modern art and natural history!


  1. I never knew there was such a thing. Did you feel a tugging at your Irish roots? I'm glad to see you can find a place to take some nice nature photos.

  2. I had no idea that there was a place like that in the middle of New York City. Great that the two of you are exploring and taking advantage of the wonderful price of FREE as much as possible. Beautiful pictures.

  3. Thank you! We're trying our best to soak up as much green as possible, and luckily most nature-y things are free!