Sunday, September 4, 2011

Only Natural

On Friday, to kick off Labor Day weekend, we walked the two miles downtown to the Natural History Museum. We decided that before we could absorb any information we had to absorb some food, so we stopped at Shake Shack, which had been recommended to us by a knowledgeable party. It falls somewhere in between fast food burgers and fancy restaurant burgers, with fairly inexpensive eats as well as a wine list and an ice cream sundae concoction made especially for the Upper West Side's abundance of canines, complete with a doggy biscuit. Though we didn't indulge in that, here's what we did get:

Devin ordered a double cheeseburger and a vanilla shake, I got the Shack Burger and a lemonade, and we split the fries. The meat and buns are super incredible, but we did find ourselves missing that In-N-Out spread. But we will definitely be back!

Outside the museum, communing with moose!

The Cephalopoda display! So excited!!!

And here begins my favorite exhibit, the Guggenheim Hall of Minerals.

Fool's gold.

And California gold! There was a whole case and essay dedicated to these specimens.

Hall of Ocean Life--not as good as the Monterey Bay Aquarium, but pretty nice.

Watch out, this lil guy is real poisonous!

Devin with one of his favorite mammals. They like him back...last week a squirrel actually sat on his lap! This one looks ready to attack, though...


  1. Hooray! Thank you. Delicious cheesy food and giant shiny objects, hard to go wrong!

  2. Superb! You are doing an amazing job with the blog. You two are quite the photographers too. I especially like Laura's dino impressions, the squirrel in Devin's hair, and the beautiful one of Laura with the black background by a glowing gem. :) Lunch looks pretty good too!

  3. The "unknown" comments have been from Julie.

  4. More great photos! Is that a live octopus? If so, it was being very cooperative.

  5. Loved you octopus so much I downloaded it to my collection. I hope they have a moon rock, but didn't see one in your pics.